Normandy borned Roberel was raised in a small farm, fed with fresh milk from her parent’s cows.
Later she discovered the sweetness of apple trees in the meadow, good sweet cider, eggs and cheese made in Normandy … Roberel will always be fond of the green cottages of her sweet native lands.

At 20 she left the fields and made it to Paris, the big capital. She first worked for the ruthless world of advertising as a graphic designer, then in the interior decoration field as Artistic Director.

One day she woke up with the fixed idea of becoming a tattoo artist and have skin as a support.
She learnt and learnt working tirelessly in the not less ruthless street shops of Chatelet.

For over 7 years now, she’s been doin her craft passionately between Montreal and Paris.

Today, she put down her suitcases in Biarritz to continue to create more calmly, still with a lot of finesse and a real eye for detail.

Her universe is inspired by the native inuit arts (engravings, prints), clear line and dot and in general, all kinds of imageries.


Emilie Hanak

Emily takes good care of the shop, she is also the first person you see entering the place ! She will welcome you and help you define your project so that Roberel can create the most appropriate tattoo for your needs.

Otherwise, when she sings it sounds like this: Yelli Yelli !



*All pictures, tattoos or sketches, contained in this website are Roberel’s intellectual property. Out of respect for her and the people who now have these on their skin, thanks for not using them for any purpose whatsoever.