Please send an mail to describing your tattoo project: design, location, size considered etc. Don’t be afraid to ask questions or bring in references (pictures, engravings, tattoos, etc.) : we love that you put thought and energy into your tattoo idea. We want your tattoo to be unique.

We will contact your quickly. If necessary, we will fix a free consultation to talk about your project. We also can arrange and plan your project from a distance and arrange a deposit through paypal.

We give a rough estimate for the final cost of your piece and we are usually spot on.
No hourly rate : large or small, our tattoo prices are charged by the piece.

We always ask for a deposit, which is deducted from the final cost on the day of the tattoo. Nevertheless, in case of cancellation, the deposit will be cashed.

One week before your tattoo appointment, the drawing will be ready. You can come to the shop to discover it or we send it to you by e-mail. It is possible to make some minor changes together.

And NO, we don’t do piercings 🙂